Rehab Before the Holidays: Starting Recovery

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Spending the holidays in a drug and alcohol rehab center may not be your idea of an exciting Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration, but there are actually several reasons why starting rehab before the holidays is more advantageous than you might think. Before you write it off as an option, consider these five benefits of enrolling in a drug rehab program before the holidays.

Avoid Holiday Triggers and Harmful Situations

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The holidays can often amplify stress, causing addicts to spiral out of control.

Although it’s supposedly the happiest time of year, holiday season also breeds anxiety. Family expectations, financial strain, exhaustion, and other factors cause high stress levels. According to the American Psychological Association, for instance, nearly half of American women experience more stress during the holidays. This is because increased stress and anxiety can cause overeating, drinking alcohol, or engaging in other unhealthy behaviors.

It’s also common for people to be triggered by memories of previous holidays spent binging on drugs or alcohol. Because partying is so widely accepted during this season, family members and friends may not notice anything unusual or dangerous about their loved one’s behavior. This can make a relapse during the holidays especially dangerous and messy.

Additionally, the holidays are a time for celebration, and drinking or drug use peak. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that people are more likely to drink beyond their limits during between Thanksgiving and Christmas than at any other time of the year. As a result, alcohol-related traffic incidents increase by 25% in December. And while people drink and use drugs more during the holidays, they’re also the least likely to seek help at this time. And that’s a problem, because staring rehab before the holidays offers a lot of benefits.

All of the stress, partying, and other triggers associated with the holiday season make it a dangerous time for addicts. And rehab is a safe and supportive environment to spend the holidays while getting started on your recovery.

Use End-of-Year Insurance Benefits

No one likes to deal with insurance companies, and insurance plans can be confusing to understand. But the important piece you need to know about your insurance is your deductible. This is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before your insurance company steps in to cover healthcare charges. If you’ve already made payments to your deductible in 2021, starting rehab before the holidays could save you significant amounts of money, since that amount will reset at the start of 2022.

Taking Time Off Is Easier

If you have a job or are in school, it’s never easy to take time off for addiction recovery. But it’s common to take vacations around November and December, and you may feel more comfortable scheduling some time for rehab during the holiday season.

College students have enough time off for Winter Break to nearly complete a stay in rehab without missing class. If you have children, going to rehab during the holidays, while they have time off of school, will be less disruptive to their schedules. No matter what your situation is, it’s just easier to find time during the holiday season than after it.

Celebrate with Others in Recovery

Going to rehab before the holidays may mean you don’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family. But it does mean you get to build new relationships with people who understand exactly what you’re going through. There may have been times where you felt your family and friends didn’t understand the pain you were experiencing and why you were drinking or using drugs.

In addiction treatment, you’ll be with a group of people who share your struggles and are trying to discover a new approach to addiction, too. While it’s natural to miss your family if you enter rehab before the holidays, you should know that you’re there for a great reason and that your loved ones appreciate the sacrifice you’re making to better yourself.

Give Yourself (And Your Family) the Greatest Gift of All

Sobriety is the best possible gift you can give your family for the holidays. Once you’ve completed recovery, you’ll be a more loving, dependable, honest, and attentive family member. You’ll be able to restore the bonds that may have been damaged or broken by your addiction.

While you may miss out on some time with your family when you enter rehab before the holidays, they’ll appreciate that you’re doing what is best for all of you. Plus, getting treatment now means you’ll be able to share many more holidays to come with your family and friends in the future.

Many addicts have memories of causing painful or uncomfortable moments during the holidays, or starting family conflicts. If you enter rehab before the holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy many future holidays with your family in sobriety. You’ll have the chance to create happier holiday memories together.

Find a Rehab Center Near Columbus, Ohio

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There will always be a reason not to start addiction treatment, and you will always find a reason to put it off for one more day. But if you want to get better for yourself and your loved ones, then the best thing you can do is start rehab before the holidays.

You were meant to do more with your life than suffer from addiction and mental health challenges like depression or anxiety. Acknowledge that your life and health matter and give yourself the gift of entering rehab before the holidays.

Here at The Woods at Parkside, we understand that entering rehab before the holidays may not be what you’re used to, but our caring staff is here to support you as you embark on your journey to sobriety. We take a highly personalized and holistic approach to addiction treatment that focuses on your individual needs and struggles. When you’re here, your recovery is our top priority.

At the Woods at Parkside, our treatment team offers a multitude of treatment programs to best suit your individual needs. A few of the programs offered include:

Our residential and outpatient options ensure that you end up with the level of service that is right for you. Wherever you are on your journey, The Woods at Parkside can help with recovery. To learn more about our programs, contact our admissions team at 614-471-2552 or use our confidential online form.

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