Rehab for Veterans: Does the VA Cover Addiction Treatment?

Veteran Substance Abuse Programs

Rehab for veterans is an essential part of restoring wellness to service members who are struggling with addiction. Veterans have unique life experiences due to exposure to the military. Because of this, they often suffer from substance abuse disorders at a higher rate than the civilian population. Consequently, when searching for rehab for veterans, it is ideal to find a veteran-specific substance abuse program that has a treatment team that understands veteran issues. And as a veteran, understanding how your veteran benefits work will assist you in choosing the right program.

What Kind of Services are Available in Rehab for Veterans?

What Kind of Services are Available in Rehab for Veterans?

Rehab for veterans includes evidence-based treatments for substance use and mental health disorders. In fact, the same treatment modalities that are available to civilians are also available for veterans. However, in order to maximize treatment efforts in the veteran population, it is highly recommended that service members choose a facility that specializes in addiction treatment for military members specifically. For example, at Heroes’ Mile in Central Florida, our treatment team are veterans themselves. In this way, connection through common ground can be established upfront.

At Heroes’ Mile in Deland, Florida the following addiction treatment services are available to veterans:

These treatment methods are tailored to each individual depending on where they are with substance abuse in their lives.

Will the VA Pay for Rehab for Veterans?

The good news is that if you’re eligible for Veteran benefits then the VA will cover at least some of the costs associated with drug or alcohol rehab. The VA offers addiction treatment through the Veteran Affairs Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program. However, this program is often full or in locations that are not convenient for all veterans. In order to expand coverage, the VA partners with offsite facilities that provide rehab for Veterans through the community care program.

The amount of costs the VA will cover depends on your specific insurance coverage, the drug treatment facility chosen, and the length of stay. At Heroes’ Mile, we strive to give you the most accurate cost estimates so that you can adjust financial plans accordingly.

How do I get the VA to pay for Drug Rehab?

To receive assistance from the VA,

  1. You must be covered by VA insurance.
  2. Once you are enrolled in coverage, contact either your primary physician or your insurance provider to discuss substance abuse concerns. In order for proper program placement, be sure to include any other mental concerns that accompany substance abuse. For example, PTSD or depression.
  3. Choose a substance abuse facility. Given the distinctive conditions experienced in military life, it is wise to choose a veteran-specific program that shares an understanding of what servicemembers face.

Can I Use Alternative Insurance for Rehab for Veterans?

Can I Use Alternative Insurance for Rehab for Veterans?

Yes, if your TRICARE, Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance covers the desired treatment you can use this in addition to your VA benefits. In fact, supplying the VA with additional insurance policies will allow for more treatment to be covered by insurance than with VA benefits alone.

What Are the Advantages to Veteran Specific Substance Programs?

Veteran experiences are unique to military operations and lifestyles. Due to this, it is important that the therapeutic environment be full of people with similar experiences. In this way, a network of peers and practitioners can provide the supportive environment necessary for veterans to succeed.

Heroes’ Mile: Rehab for Veterans in Central Florida

At Heroes’ Mile addiction treatment center in Central Florida, our veteran rehab program can help you confront drug or alcohol use. Our approach to treating veterans is simple but powerful, to provide mental health and addiction services to veterans, by veterans, so that common ground can be established upfront.

Ultimately, the VA will cover some of the costs of rehab for veterans if the veteran is covered under their plan. To get started, review eligibility for VA insurance. If you have any questions, concerns, or if you’re already covered,  call our admissions specialists at 888-838-6692 or fill out our confidential online form to learn more about our rehab for veterans. With Heroes’ Mile in DeLand, Florida, you do not have to suffer alone in with addiction.

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