Should I Avoid Rehab During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted daily life for millions of Americans, and Floridians have been especially hard-hit. As businesses close, more and more people are asking themselves: Should I avoid rehab during this COVID-19 pandemic?

While we understand your concern, it’s important that you know that attending rehab during the coronavirus is completely safe. In fact, there may be more danger in avoiding rehab during the coronavirus. We’d like to walk you through why you should enroll in a rehab program despite the virus and how our team will keep you safe.

Why Should I Enroll in Rehab During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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If you’re suffering from a substance use disorder, it’s probably easy to talk yourself out of attending rehab. But waiting for a “better time” doesn’t work—no matter what, the best time to enter an addiction treatment facility is always today. If you wait weeks or months to attend rehab, how do you know that your mental health or addiction issues won’t have worsened by then?

You can always find a reason not to seek treatment. But rather than worry about the coronavirus pandemic, you should be more concerned about your addiction or mental health condition. These are the real dangers in your life, because you know that you already have them. And not only can they endanger you themselves, but they may even raise your risk of contracting COVID-19.

If you’re suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, then you may feel that you cannot go without your substance of choice. That means you’ll be forced to interact with cashiers or dealers, when you should be safely at home, social distancing. And unlike a rehab facility, those people may not be taking proper infection prevention precautions.

Moreover, your physical dependence on drugs like meth and heroin could weaken your immune system and leave you vulnerable to infection. And breathing in drugs like marijuana could worsen your lung health, which would increase your risk of a fatality if you were infected with the virus. In short, attending a rehab is actually the best thing that you could do for your health right now.

At The Blackberry Center, our COVID-19 response has been to minimize the risk for our staff and our patients. This includes screening new patients for coronavirus symptoms, sanitizing surfaces in our treatment facility, and having our staff follow the newest infection prevention guidelines. Additionally, our physician is staffed 24/7 with nurses, physicians, and other medical staff who will keep you safe and looked after during the coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t let COVID-19 be what stops you from enrolling in rehab. There will always be “reasons” not to seek help for your mental health or addiction issues, but this kind of care could save your life. Concern over the coronavirus shouldn’t keep you from taking care of your mental well-being or addiction recovery.

Help Stop the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you’re feeling some coronavirus anxiety, use that to be proactive about helping stop the spread of the virus. Below you’ll find a list of wellness behaviors that you can adopt to protect yourself and slow transmission of COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands regularly and with hot water and soap
  • Avoid touching your face if you have touched anything outside without washing your hands afterward
  • Try to stay home unless you’re leaving for work, medical care, or food
  • Cough or sneeze into a napkin, then immediately throw the napkin away before sanitizing your hands
  • Clean or disinfect regularly touched surfaces

Get Help for your Mental Illness or Addiction Right Now

The dedicated staff at The Blackberry Center are ready and waiting to help you through this confusing time. Whether you need mental health treatment, help with addiction recovery, or a combination of both, we’re here for you.

Do you have questions about our programming or how we’re handling COVID-19? You can reach our admissions specialists at 407-449-8410, or you can fill out a digital contact form. Managing these issues during the coronavirus may feel impossible, but you’ll get through it with the proper support.

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