Addiction Recovery Support from Rehab to Lifelong Sobriety

what happens when you quit drinking

With a sigh of relief, we said goodbye to 2020 and hello to a fresh start with 2021. This is the time that we often set our sights on changing for the better by committing to choices that are healthier both physically and mentally. If substance use crept into your life in 2020 and you want to stop using drugs or alcohol, we can help you with addiction recovery.

The Blackberry Center in St. Cloud, Florida assists by reconnecting you with your personal goals and helping you commit to an addiction-free lifestyle. If you’re struggling with addiction, going to rehab could be the best way to start this new year.

what happens when you quit drinking
Make 2021 your year to get back on track.

How We’ll Help You Start Addiction Recovery

You don’t have to have lost control of your life to want to change it.

At the Blackberry Center, we will meet you wherever you are in your journey, whether that’s rock bottom or starting to suspect a substance use disorder. In addition to addiction treatment, our addiction recovery center offers behavioral health programs that address a wide range of mental illnesses.

If you’re uncertain as to where you stand, we offer two assessments to help you recognize substance abuse and mental illness:

Drug & Alcohol Detox in Our Florida Rehab Center

If necessary, treatment will begin with detoxing from drugs or alcohol. We offer a medical detox program for both alcohol addiction and drug addiction. But what are the benefits of a medical detox program?

Quitting at home or going cold turkey is not recommended due to the dangerous side effects that could occur when detoxing. To address withdrawal symptoms, the Blackberry Center offers medically supervised drug and alcohol detox to keep you safe. This includes a 24-hour nursing staff led by a physician who specializes in addiction medicine.

Addiction Recovery Resources During Treatment

addiction recovery
Find guidance towards your personal recovery.

Placement in our drug addiction recovery program depends on whether you are dealing with substance abuse alone, or if you are experiencing co-occurring mental health issues along with substance abuse. If mental illness is a concern, and it often is with addiction, we will support you through the treatment of both conditions in our dual diagnosis program.

In either case, our process starts with your personal goals and how you see your recovery after rehab.

Through our discharge planning process, you will describe your goals for both treatment and recovery before treatment even begins. Your insight will help us give you the best addiction recovery plan for you, whether that includes long term care or a step-down service like transitional housing, a partial hospitalization program, or other outpatient services.

At the Blackberry Center, we are certain to address the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of each of our patients through our comprehensive addiction treatment options.

Types of Addiction Therapies at our Florida Rehab Center

In our drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs, we offer both inpatient treatment and a partial hospitalization program.

Within these programs, our compassionate clinical staff is trained in a variety of modalities to ensure that there is a fit for each individual going to rehab. Some of our focus areas include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):
    Have you ever paid attention to your inner thoughts or dialogue? Often times, these thoughts are destructive, which adds to a negative sense of self. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you identify and change these thought patterns to contribute to a more positive outlook.
  • Faith-Based Options:
    The Blackberry Center offers a faith-based recovery program that incorporates Christian principles into the recovery curriculum. In our dual-diagnosis program, we also offer the faith-based 12-step programs as followed in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Medication Management:
    If needed, medication is available for the comfort of our patients during the detox and recovery process. However, the choice to take medication is entirely up to you.

In addition to the treatment options listed above, the Blackberry Center also supports our patients in addiction recovery through the following supplemental therapies:

  • Addiction Education:
    Learn why addictions form. This includes behavioral and physiological science as to why addictions start and continue. Arming yourself with knowledge will help you avoid relapsing in the future.
  • Nutritional Education:
    Learn how to use food to treat nutritional deficiencies that might trigger cravings to use or drink.
  • Recreational Therapy:
    Therapeutic recreation includes activities such as sports, arts and crafts, dance or music-related activities, and animal-assisted activities. These therapies are evidence-based and provide the opportunity to build life management skills through recreation.
  • Follow-Up Care:
    At the end of your program, we are still here for you. The Blackberry Center will provide referrals to support groups and ongoing care, either through our facility or one of our partners.

Alumni Support: What Happens After Rehab?

Your recovery doesn’t end at rehab completion. In fact, in some ways, this is only the beginning! And, in many ways, this is where you will find the most support from the Blackberry Center’s alumni resources.

We understand that recovery after rehab is a lifelong process. To support your long-term recovery goals, we offer ongoing virtual recovery meetings. These meetings occur multiple times every week, giving you the opportunity to stay connected to your recovery network.

Additionally, the Blackberry Center provides access to online support networks for rehab alumni. These include Facebook groups where you can find guidance from staff as well as fellow alumni. In these groups, you are free to ask questions, provide tips, or simply stay in touch with other members.

The bottom line is once you become a part of Blackberry, you will never be alone.

Why Blackberry Is the Best Rehab Center For You

At the Blackberry Center in Central Florida, we get what you’re going through.

Our team members are leaders in addiction treatment and are passionate about providing quality care to every individual who checks into our treatment facility.

At Blackberry we are experts at creating individualized treatment models that best fit each person’s unique needs so that they may reach their goals.

To get started on your addiction recovery, contact us at 888-512-9802 or fill out our confidential online form.

The new year is yours! What will you make of it?

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