Why PHP for Drug and Alcohol Rehab? Partial hospitalization

why PHP for drug and alcohol rehab

Between inpatient care, outpatient programs, and partial hospitalization programs (PHP), finding the right level of care for you can feel impossible. Residential treatment is great for people who need a sober place to stay, outpatient programming can help people who need many hours of care in an outpatient setting, but why PHP for drug and alcohol rehab?

Today we’re going to talk about the advantages of PHP treatment and why you should consider it for your addiction treatment needs.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

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To understand the nature of PHP, you’ll need to think of different programs as moving along a continuum of care. The highest level of care is medical detoxification, which is where you start treatment when you need help very early in recovery. Below that is inpatient or residential treatment, where you stay after detoxification while still learning how to live without drugs and alcohol. After graduating from that program, you may transition to an intensive outpatient program with regular meetings at an addiction treatment center, but you now live in your home.

PHP falls just below intensive outpatient programming. It follows a similar structure where you live at home and attend regular treatment sessions, but in this program you meet with less frequency and for shorter periods of time. Like any other treatment option, this comes with certain benefits and disadvantages, depending on your unique situation.

Would you like to learn more about why PHP for drug and alcohol rehab could be effective for you? Keep reading to gain a better understanding of the advantages of PHP.

Why PHP for Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

When it comes down to it, there are five big benefits of PHP. While this does not encompass every positive aspect of PHP, it does give you an understanding of this level of care and its advantages.

1. You Can Keep Working

Sometimes, you just don’t have the option of stopping work or school to attend an inpatient program. If you need to keep your daily life going, PHP is the option that will work with your schedule. Generally, you’ll only attend treatment a few times a week for a few hours per day, which will let you keep your daily routine in place.

While intensive outpatient programs theoretically offer the same benefit, in practice they tend to eat up more time. This still makes them a great choice as a step-down from inpatient care, but it’s worth nothing that they do not accommodate work or school as well as PHP.

2. You’ll Receive the Same Types of Care

Many people have the misconception that lower intensity care means lower quality care. In fact, PHPs offer the same types of care as their inpatient counterparts. While it’s true that they do spend less time on these activities, due to the nature out of outpatient treatment, the addiction treatment is fundamentally the same. For example, at The Blackberry Center in St. Cloud, Florida, our PHP offers:

As you can see, PHP programming is identical to that used in inpatient treatment programs. For this reason, you should not worry that attending PHP will lessen the quality of your care. If you have completed detoxification from drugs and alcohol and feel able to balance life and addiction recovery, PHP could do a lot of great things for you.

3. No Transition Back to Daily Life

For people who receive inpatient programming, they often require outpatient treatment and then PHP to help them acclimate to daily life. This is because while higher levels of care do offer certain benefits, they also take you out of your daily habits. And that works great for people with home lives that may make them feel pressured to drink or use, as well as for people who need to focus solely on their recovery for awhile. However, the experience of staying sober in an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is not the same as staying sober in daily life. When they have to return to daily life, some people find that daily stressors agitate their substance abuse problems.

But with PHP, real life never goes away, so you learn to cope with those daily stressors while receiving treatment. There is no transition period, because your programming has been centered around coping with substance use disorders while navigating daily living. So if you find yourself asking, “Why PHP for drug and alcohol rehab?” consider this to be one of the biggest advantages.

4. Leaning on Your Support System

PHP drug and alcohol rehab

PHP works best if you have supportive friends and family members who want to see you beat your addiction. In cases like this, PHP offers the unique benefit of letting you use those personal connections while you begin your recovery.

With an inpatient treatment program, you will still have contact with your loved ones, but that is usually limited to brief phone calls and occasional visits. And that works, because you have addiction treatment staff and members of your support groups to lean on. With PHP, however, you get professional care at an addiction treatment center while maintaining those close, personal relationships. For people with supportive loved ones, this can greatly help their recovery by giving them both personal and clinical support in their addiction treatment.

5. Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

At our addiction treatment center in St. Cloud, Florida, we treat co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. This means that if you suffer from depression, anxiety, or another mental illness that has contributed to your substance abuse, we’ll help you to treat both issues at the same time.

Without this kind of treatment plan, you might find it hard to achieve long-term recovery. Untreated mental health issues can cause addictions to resurface, just as untreated addictions can lead to mental health relapses. Only with comprehensive treatment can you move past these issues and regain control of your life.

Help Is Here

So, why PHP for drug and alcohol rehab? For all the reasons listed above, this level of care could be perfect for you and help you begin a new, sober chapter in your life.

Would you like to learn more about our PHP options? Call our admissions specialists at 888-512-9802 or fill out our confidential contact form. Wherever you are in your recovery journey, we’ll meet you there and help you take the next steps.

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