Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

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How many times have you been told to “take a deep breath” every time you get stressed out? Deep breathing has probably helped you feel more relaxed and restore your composure at some point in your life. Controlling your breathing, regardless of the reason, can be beneficial in a variety of ways. This can be a great addition to your life, along with seeing a Florida veteran rehab expert.

Any sorts of exercises, including breathing exercises, have long been praised as a way to make everyone feel better every day. From psychologists and medical professionals to meditation specialists and yoga teachers, breathing exercises have helped their clients get through the struggles of life.  

However, please remember that if you begin to feel dizzy or lightheaded performing the breathing exercises, you should stop and rest comfortably until it passes. 

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Breathing Exercises You’ll Need When You Get Stressed

Waking Up

For most people, the first instinct when waking up in the morning is to lie down in bed, stretch, and get up. Nonetheless, including another act in your waking up routine like taking a deep breath, won’t hurt. 

Breathing in the morning also helps relieve muscle stiffness, making you feel better after a stressful day. Here are some tips to get you off to a good start. Just remember that your body knows what it needs most.

  • Once you’re seated upright, take a few moments to catch your breath before slowly rolling back down, bending forward as you exhale. 
  • Inhale deeply as you slowly “unroll” your body, returning to a standing position while maintaining your head down until you straighten your body. 
  • Begin by standing tall and slowly bending at the waist. Don’t forget to bend your knees slightly to avoid tense legs. Allow your arms to fall to the ground.

Breathing When You Feel Stressed

When we’re stressed out, we often hold our breath or take gasping breaths to try to keep from getting any worse. Regrettably, this just contributes to amplifying the stress reaction and exacerbating discomfort. If you’re uncomfortable, irritated, and stressed out, try some relaxation and breathing exercises to help alleviate some of the discomforts. 

The first thing you need to do is to get as comfortable as you can despite what you’re feeling. Take a slow, deep breath while concentrating on something that’s good. Allow your breath to make your body feel more relaxed by concentrating on what makes you feel good. Then, slowly exhale and allow the air to gradually leave your body. Repeat until you no longer feel the discomfort and stress.

Pursed Lip Breathing

If you have breathing problems caused by health disorders or diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or if you’re feeling extremely nervous, the pursed lip breathing exercise can help. Breathing with your lips pursed slows down your breathing and makes it simpler for you to breathe.

To do this breathing exercise, start by breathing in regularly through your nose. As if you’re blowing out a candle or going to whistle, purse your lips, then breathe out gently. Remember to keep your lips pursed every time you do this exercise. Repeat until you feel relaxed. 

Focused Breathing

This is the most common among the four breathing exercises, aside from deep breathing when waking up. Focused breathing can be done wherever and whenever you like. Every time you get irritated by someone, feel anxiety, or are just done for the day, this type of exercise can be of great help. It allows your mind to wander and lets you meditate even for just a few minutes.

You can do this by looking for a place where you can sit and lie down comfortably. Once you’ve found that place, close your eyes, take normal breaths for a few seconds, and take deeper breaths after. Allow the air to reach the diaphragm, then slowly exhale. 

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Looking for a Florida Veteran Rehab Center to Make You Feel Your Best? 

At Heroes’ Mile, our mission is to guide individuals from self-defeating thinking and behaviors to a higher level of social, emotional, and moral awareness. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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